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Essential Oils

Essential Oils have been used for centuries for a variety of purposes.  They have been used for everything from simply smelling nice to healing and almost everything in between.

We do not pretend to be authorities on how an oil should be used.  We try to work with each of the oils to get to kow its properties, uses, etc. but the lists seems to grow much faster than we can keep up at times.   

Our advice is:  Unless you are directed by a knowledgeable and experienced Naturpathic Doctor or any other professional who specializes in essential oils - NEVER TAKE INTERNALLY!!!!

The term "Natural" does not mean "SAFE" - Arsenic is Natural!!!  These oils can be potent healers used appropriately, but they can also cause major problems when used incorrectly.





Incense has been around for thousands of years.  It has been used by religious groups around the world to honor their God(s)/Goddess(s) and holds and important place in many religious ceremonies.

There are many ways to make incense and a few different ways to burn it as well.

1. Non-combustible (Resin) Incense.

  • Requires a charcoal disk or similar disk to provide the heat.  It will not burn on its own.
  • Is usually made from resins.
  • Can also contain some essential oils
  • Normally comes in small chunks that can easily be picked up and placed on the charcoal disk.

2. Stick Incense

  • Requires a base that will burn - some use charcoal, salt peter, etc.
  • The base is applied to a stick (bamboo or other light wood)
  • Then scent is applied (can be essential oils, fragrance oils, etc.)
  • Usually used with an Ash Catcher


 3. Cone Incense

  • Requires a base that will burn - some use charcoal, salt peter, etc.
  • The base material is shaped into a cyclindracial cone shape and allowed to dry
  • Once dry the scent can be added using either essential oils or fragrance oils
  • Usually burned in an incense burner to protect the table surface from the heat.

It really depends upon your situation and what you are using it for.

All three have their place, but it is really up to you to decide which one(s) you use.