Correspondence Tables

The correspondences listed below are intended to help you find the perfect item for any occassion and for those advanced in the blending arts, you can use this table to help you find scents that will blend nicely together.  We hope to continuously  to add to these tables as our experience with the individual scents grows.

You can sort the table simply by clicking on the column heading or use the `Search` to find exactly what you are looking for.  

Form and List
NameType of ScentElementPlanetPropertiesBuy Now
Black Cherry   Buddhism teaches that Maya, the virgin mother of Buddha, was supported by a holy cherry tree during her pregnancy
Black OpiumExotic, spicy and warmEarth Wonderful for deep meditations.
Celtic Mystery   Takes you back in time to discover the mysteries of the ancient Celts
Fairy FantasySweet but slightly earthy scent   
Forest Lord   The Horned God evokes His ancient power, strong yet gentle, loving yet wild.
FrankincenseBalsamic and sweet fragrance SunMade of olibanum
Frankincense & MyrrhHighly Meditative  Evokes ancient tombs and temples  
Money Drawrich fragrance  Stimulates the energy of prosperity
Myrrh  MoonPurification and consecration, myrrh reduces negativity, and enhances female energy.
Nile LotusDeep flowery scent  State of spiritual perfection and total mental purity
Orange BlossomSweet, citrusy, fresh, and romantically pleasant SunPhysical energy, protection, success, and putting an end to legal matters.
PanMandrake is one of the ingredients in this blend  Use this incense to release the bonds that hinder you, freeing you to a simplicity and laughter
PatchouliEarthy, smokey, spicy and musky scentEarthSaturnGrowth, legal matters, luck, meditation, money, prosperity, settling legal matters, and spirituality
Protection   For personal protection, or to create a safe place for yourself or loved ones
PurificationRosemary like.  Cleanses negative energy and emotion
RainCool, clean, and crisp with a slight hit of muskWater The true scent of fresh rain of the tropics
RoseFresh roses VenusThe intoxicating scent of roses has worked its magic on men and women for centuries.
SageHerbal and camphorousEarthJupiterCleansing and purification
Sweet Dreams    
Tibetian AmberSweet layered scent with spicy, earthy rich undertones  Sensual, romantic, and soothing