Correspondence Tables

The correspondences listed below are intended to help you find the perfect item for any occassion and for those advanced in the blending arts, you can use this table to help you find scents that will blend nicely together.  We hope to continuously  to add to these tables as our experience with the individual scents grows.

You can sort the table simply by clicking on the column heading or use the `Search` to find exactly what you are looking for.  

Sitck Incense Correspondences

NameType of ScentElementPlanetPropertiesBuy Now
Air Air  
Black OpiumExotic, spicy and warmEarth Wonderful for deep meditations.
CedarwoodHarmonizing, calming, relaxingEarthSunHealing, money, enhancing spirituality, and protection.
Deep WoodsWoodsy, sweet fragranceEarth Magical scent of being away from all the smells of modern life
Dragons Blood  MarsLove, protection and exorcism.
Earth Earth  
Egyptian MuskMusky fragrance   Used to bring your mind to places of old, where god kings ruled, magic and prayer were deeply woven in every part of life.
Enchanted Forest    
EucalyptusCamphor-like, somewhat sweet, and pine-like  As the eucalyptus burns, it releases its antiseptic ingredients into the air, disinfecting the room and masking unsavory odors.
Fire Fire  
FrangipaniDelicate, scent can be described as the mother of all perfumes   
Frankincense & MyrrhHighly Meditative  

Evokes ancient tombs and temples


French VanillaWarm, creamy sweet vanilla fragrance Venus 
Full MoonSandalwood like. Moon

Celebrate the mystery and magic of Lady moon, promotes healing and abundance 

Jupiter  JupiterIncreases benevolence, abundance, pleasure. Enhances self-esteem, philosophy, and evolutionary change.
LavenderCalming and relaxingAirMercuryRelaxes and can help treat respiratory problems.
MagicMysterious, earthy and a hint of the Orient  This blend of fragrances will guide you into the magical realm of earth and mystery.
Mars  MarsIncreases will power, personal initiative, self-discipline, sexuality.  Use with VENUS to balance aggression.
MeditationBenzoin like  

Use to help you meditate.

Mercury  MercuryAffirms left-brain activity, versatility, reasoning. Balances over stimulation and chaotic thinking.
Moon Dark  Moon

The comfort of Moon Dark envelopes you with its protective shield. 

Nag ChampaAsian flair, warm spices  Exotic and sensual bouquet
Night JasmineSweet, floral and exotic Moon

Compassion, dreams, family

Nile LotusSoft Flowery scent  State of spiritual perfection and total mental purity
Ocean BreezeFresh and TropicalWater Refreshes your soul and cleanses your mind
PatchouliEarthy, smokey, spicy and musky scent.EarthSaturnGrowth, legal matters, luck, meditation, money, prosperity, settling legal matters, and spirituality
PomegranateFresh and refreshing exotic, fruity, sweet fragrance   
Protection   For personal protection, or to create a safe place for yourself or loved ones
PurificationRosemary like.  Cleanses negative energy and emotion
RainCool, clean, and crisp with a slight hit of muskWater The true scent of fresh rain of the tropics
RoseFresh roses VenusThe intoxicating scent of roses has worked its magic on men and women for centuries.
Sacred SageSageEarth  
SageHerbal and camphorousEarthJupiterCleansing and purification
SandalwoodMild, long-lasting sweet, woody aroma Sun or Moon 
Saturn  SaturnFacilitates karmic lessons, discipline, concentration, and sobriety, all work involving age, time, and tradition.
Scottish HeatherWild heather and fresh country air  Calming, soothing, sensual
Sun  Sun 
Sweet Dreams    
SweetgrassIt is sweet and hypnotic with a grassy freshness.  

Native Americans have used this fragrance for thousands of years.

TempleSoft Copal like  Used for blessing.
Tibetan AmberSweet layered scent, with spicy, earthy rich undertones  

Sensual, romantic, and soothing 

Venus  VenusFacilitates relationships: love, marriage, partnership, enhances self-esteem, creativity. Enhances right-brain activity.
Victorian RoseLike a bouquet of fresh roses.  Venus 
WaterFresh and clean.Water Use for personal introspection, cleansing and healing
Wild Woman