Correspondence Tables

The correspondences listed below are intended to help you find the perfect item for any occassion and for those advanced in the blending arts, you can use this table to help you find scents that will blend nicely together.  We hope to continuously  to add to these tables as our experience with the individual scents grows.

You can sort the table simply by clicking on the column heading or use the `Search` to find exactly what you are looking for.  

Resins and Resin Blends
NameType of ScentUsesBuy Now
3 Kings BlendAncient blend of Frankincense & SandalwoodFocus and prosperity
Benzoin of Siam (Gum)BalsamicLove, Protection, Clearing
Benzoin of Sumatra Focus and prosperity
Black Ethiopian BlendVery Deep, Rich, EarthyMeditation - This incense will help you go deeper.
Black Myan Copal Healing, Purification & Protection
Celtic Blend Balance and unity
Dragon's Blood Love, Protection, Strength. Add to any blend to increase the strength.
Forest BlendMulti-level scent - clean/clear scentBalance and unity
FrankincenseClean Citrus and PineLove, Protection, Clearing
Gloria Blend Ritual Blend also used in churches
Gum Arabic Healing, Love, Protection
Kashmir Blend Spirituality and Purification
MyrrhDeep Rich EarthyHealing, Love, Protection
White CopalClear, Clean, CitrusProtection and Love.